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Our services: Repairing Bioptron (Zepter) lamps after an expired guarentee.

In the event of a phone consultation, device repair* can take up to 1 hour - e.g electronics or power supply repairs -, so you can wait. The location of the repair is in 5 minutes on foot from the Allee, 2 minutes from the Újbuda-center metro stop 4. Free valuation, based on the budget nominated by the customer. (e.g. HUF 3000, 7500, ...)

* The repair fee does not include shipping costs.

▶ Cost estimation

Free cost estimation

Upon request, we provide a preliminary, free estimate of the cost of repairing the defective device*, and this will be communicated upon receipt. In the case of a device sent by courier, we will deliver it to you (by phone or e-mail).

It is possible to start the repair immediately if the budget you specified in advance (e.g.: HUF 5,000, 7,500, ...) covers it*. Thus, the repair can take up to 1 hour - an appointment is required.

* The repair fee does not include shipping costs.

▶ Guarantee / Repair


We offer a 6-month guarantee* for the repaired product.


The parts needed for the repair are always in stock. So, the repair of the electronics or power supply can be done locally, as well as the repair of the lenses, bulbs, and Pro1 spring tensioner.

* The guarantee does not apply to the bulb, breakage, damage resulting from improper use, or damage occurring during postal delivery.

▶ Pick-up options

Pick-up options

In person: 1117 Budapest, XI. Fehérvári way 25, Zoltán Hortobágyi
Or: 6900 Makó, Széchenyi Square 8, in the Kati Pharmacy at the Spa
(after appointment)
Or by delivery services, throughout the country. The package can be picked up at your home or workplace, or at the Foxpost vending machine in Allee. You can also send it by post to the Budapest address. The package can also be insured.

▶ Contacts


Address: 1117 Budapest, XI. Fehérvári way 25

Mobile: +36 (70) 708-7132


Appointment scheduling: From Monday to Thursday between 10 AM and 6 PM via the above phone number
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